Smart Farm Living Lab

Neurohive is providing a 24/7 monitoring solution to help farmers protect animals’ health & optimize farm profits through sensors and cloud technology.

In Neurohive, we are envisioning the small ruminants’ farm of the future. Being in direct contact with farmers and livestock industry stakeholders we aim to protect farm animals’ health and welfare, make livestock farms more profitable and improve farmers’ lives. To achieve our goal, we have designed the “Smart Farm Living Lab” project, exploring technologies for 24/7 monitoring of animals’ health and farm environment.

Through this Living Lab, we are developing solutions inspired by farmers, using iterative feedback processes, throughout a lifecycle approach of an innovation to create sustainable impact. Utilizing technology we are transforming real life management problems into data, and, through artificial intelligence-aided analysis we are helping farmers prevent critical conditions. We are using sensors, cloud technology, a risk assessment ML algorithm, and a user-friendly mobile app for farmers. Aiding farmers through early disease detection we prevent production losses, reduce mortality rates and increase farm profit.

Our smart technology aims to:

Minimize production losses and optimize farm profits

Save time / labor costs

Optimize animal welfare and making farmers’ lives easier 

    Our “Smart Farm Living Lab” project is designed to meet the urgent need of small ruminants’ farmers to adapt in a rapidly changing scene, through digital transformation and implementation of sustainable livestock farming practices.