Smart Farm Living Lab

In Greece, the livestock population of sheep and goats is 7 million and 3 million animals, respectively, corresponding to 10% of the EU population. The annual income from small ruminants’ milk and meat production for farmers is more than 2 billion €, shared between 83.000 sheep & goat farmers that are currently active in Greece. EU (28), Turkey and UK populations are approximately 70, 58 and 32 million animals, respectively. The current trend in livestock farming demands to “produce more with less”. Modern farms have animals with improved genetic background and higher productivity, which require more sophisticated management to prevent critical conditions.

To address this need Neurohive is providing farmers with a smart tech solution for 24/7 monitoring of farm animals’ health and growth. We are using sensors, cloud technology, a risk assessment ML algorithm, and a user-friendly mobile app for farmers. Aiding farmers through early disease detection we prevent production losses, reduce mortality rates and increase farm profit.